My Dream to become
The World's Best Fitness Coach
This is my journey...
Chapter 1: The Beginning
I started like any other single 19 year old kid, I wanted to be a body builder, I wanted to be as big and as strong as possible and what better way to dedicate my time to that than be a personal trainer working in a gym.  3 years later I got as far as I probably ever will as a body builder going from 63kg at 19 to 108kg at 22.
As I got better as a fitness coach and athlete I started to notice I was missing something critical... At this stage I knew everything about growing lean muscle and losing body fat, which was fine as that's what people want, but I had clients leaving just as the result were coming through and man did this frustrate me!!! I wanted to give these people the same empowering feeling I got out of fitness.
I noticed the clients that were leaving were leaving because they didn't feel physically comfortable working out or got injured. At the same time I noticed this with my clients I noticed it with myself. As big and strong as I was I never had a skill other than lifting a big weight, I couldn't walk up stairs without losing my breath, couldn't do 10 chin ups and don't even ask me to scratch my own back or sit with my legs crossed I was so immobile, the niggling pains were creeping up and an injury was defiantly on it's way... This realization made me think, this isn't fitness!
Fitness is being fully prepared for anything life throws at you.
Fast, strong, lean, powerful, athletic.
So, I set out to learn everything about how the body moves.
Chapter 2: The Creation
So I set out to learn everything movement and discovered something called "prehab training" :)
Prehab is a form of training that takes a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury. You'll build strength and stability around your most vulnerable areas, improving mobility, balance and joint function to decrease the potential for injuries.
This is how I can keep people in the gym training to their full potential for the rest of their lives... this is the answer I was looking for!
While still coaching the traditional movements like deadlift, squat, lunge, push and pull with progressions from that being snatches, cleans, jerks etc across many different training tools I also use gymnastics as a base for everyone in every phase of training. 
Gymnastics requires an even split of mobility, stability and strength through full body movements and I've found this the best way to restore good movement and posture plus it's a fun challenge with a never ending variety of complex movements to master.

 Learning all this has completely changed the way I train myself for the better and has opened huge doors in my career taking a step into the world of education, presenting courses for some of the industries leaders like The Functional Training Institute and Rehab Trainer, upskilling other fitness professionals on how to keep their clients in the gym injury free and moving as best as possible. I also get to mould the minds of new gradates to the fitness industry working for The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers graduating students with their certificate 3 & 4 in fitness.  
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